SEVITA GENETICS is a leading Canadian soybean seed company that specializes in breeding and marketing high-yielding and high protein non-GMO soybean varieties.

We are proud to announce that as of May 1, 2017, AGRITEMA company (“Agritema“ LLC), was appointed as the official representative, and Brand Manager of SEVITA GENETICS in the Ukraine.

The responsibilities of AGRITEMA include, but are not limited to:

*      Variety testing and selection for production areas in the Ukraine

*      Variety registration

*      Selecting and contracting distributors and assigning varieties.

*      Protecting the rights of SEVITA GENETICS as they relate to seed production and sale.

To date, AGRITEMA has selected the following official distributors of SEVITA GENETICS soybean seeds in the territory of the Ukraine:

  • TDN (“Trading House” Seeds” LLC) sells following varieties on exclusive rights: Niagara and DH863;
  • “Vitagro” (“VITARO” Group of companies) sells following varieties on exclusive rights: DS 401, Emperor, Panorama (СВХ14Т00S3).

  AGRITEMA is currently in discussion with other distributors for plans to expand the SEVITA GENETICS distribution network in Ukraine for the 2019 sales season. AGRITEMA will publish a list of new distributors and soybean varieties to be marketed on its web site:,

SEVITA GENETICS is particularly concerned with the unauthorized use and sale of its varieties, and together with AGRITEMA, wishes to inform all agricultural producers in the Ukraine of the following:


Certain Ukrainian agri-holdings are or will be licensed to produce Sevita Genetics seeds for their own needs with NO RIGHT to sell seeds.

The list of registered SEVITA soybean varieties included into the State Register of varieties approved for distribution in Ukraine in 2018, can be found on the Ukrainian Institute of Plant Varieties Examination official website of:

  1. Unlawful use of soybean varieties of the SEVITA GENETICS brand is prohibited.

Specifically, the production or reproduction (brown bagging), conditioning for third parties, distribution, sale or other commercial circulation, storage, export outside the customs territory of Ukraine and import into the customs territory of Ukraine without IP owner permission is prohibited.

Offenders will be prosecuted in accordance with the applicable international and Ukrainian legislation on the protection of plant variety rights.

Specifically, “AGRITEMA” LLC, as the official representative of SEVITA GENETICS company in Ukraine is authorized to:

  • control IP rights protection in the Territory;
  • disclose facts of violation of such rights;
  • address violators with the requirement to stop violations of such rights;
  • try to prevent IP rights violation, in particular, but not restricted to: send an appeal to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, to act as a plaintiff in court, to carry out measures permitted by law to prevent violations of rights.

In addition, unauthorized use of the SEVITA trademark without the owner’s permission in any way, including, but not limited to:

  • placing the logo in printed and electronic publications, on sites, labels, packaging,
  • unscrupulous advertising – is illegal and will be prosecuted in accordance with the norms of international law to the current legislation of Ukraine on the protection of intellectual property rights.

If you are aware of the facts of Sevita Genetics IP rights abuse, or SEVITA brands illegal use; or have doubts about the legality of the production or sale of the seeds of these varieties or if you want to receive official information on seed circulation, please send a mail to the web-site of the SEVITA GENETICS official representative in Ukraine – LLC “AGRITEMA”

or call us by phone : +38 (095) 601-46-21


SEVITA GENETICS directly or through its official representative is not liable to any seeds quality claims if the seed material was not purchased at their official distributors in Ukraine.